Veterans Day, November 11, 2022

VETERANS DAY, NOV 11, 2022: Honoring those who have served

Chris Hopfauf, a member of our team in Auburn, WA, shared a family tradition, volunteering at Orting Soldiers Home Cemetery, Washington State’s oldest Soldiers Cemetery. Chris’s grandparents are buried there and for the past few years their family has volunteered to place wreaths on the gravestones. Chris reached out with a goal to have a wreath to place on each gravestone. The Orting cemetery services are privately funded as the final resting place for veterans from the Veterans Home in Orting, WA.

You can make a personal donation through their website at This year if you buy 2 for $15.00 each you’ll get a third free. You can also volunteer your time at the link above. Thanks to Chris for sharing the opportunity. Chris will also be playing Taps at the cemetery for a Medal of Honor monument ceremony on Monday, November 14th.

And thank you to the many on our own Central team who have served or are serving currently in some capacity via the Reserves or National Guard or are supporting active-duty family members.

Learn more about the Wreaths Across America story on their Facebook Page.


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