Vancouver, WA: Installation, 50-ton Vertical CO2 Receiver

Thanks to System Specialist, Mark Waldbillig for sharing photos from our Central Welding Supply location in Vancouver, WA, as he coordinates and installs our new 50 ton vertical CO2 receiver.

We’re excited to get this up, installed and in service, primarily to support our BevCarb (bulk CO2) deliveries and CO2 squirt trucks serving the Kelso, Vancouver, Portland and Albany territories. We’ve outgrown the 14 ton receiver in Portland that’s been the primary source in that region. Keeping up with local business growth in the area required multiple deliveries per week to meet the needs of our customers.

Once filled and functional the new 50 ton will eliminate the disruption to the Portland store’s CO2 supply and streamline the consistency of service our customers’ CO2 cylinder fills there. In addition, the bulk gas resource in Vancouver will clear more trailer space for cylinders delivered from our Kelso and Smokey Point distribution points.

Dale Wilton, CEO, shares, “Oftentimes, one enhancement to one location has the effect of unclogging multiple bottlenecks in multiple places (and this is definitely one of those situations). This also allows us to add CO2 cylinder filling capabilities to Vancouver, and to utilize that CO2 supply in the future to make dry ice for the Portland/Vancouver market.”

Special thanks to Mark Waldbillig for quarterbacking this project, and to the Vancouver team for working around the disruptions, equipment and construction!

This bulk installation, like many others, is a testament to the expertise of our Bulk Gas Installation Specialists from the Central Cryogenics specialty gas division and their talent to install big systems in tight spaces!

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