NEW LOCATION OPEN: Fairbank, Alaska

Our newest location in Fairbanks, Alaska is our new frontier to the North. Fairbanks is the brick-and-mortar footprint in the area, for business we’ve been carrying on from Washington State, and through our existing location in Wasilla, AK.

The store exterior will be finished in blue to match our brand, as soon as it’s warm enough for paint to stick to the building.

The Fairbanks store fulfilled its first “official” customer transaction over the counter today! Manager Roy Rich, and Adam Porter, Outside Sales, have been working double-time with Regional Manager, Flint Brewer, finishing the interior/exterior setup, stocking inventory, and setting up business operations.

First counter sale, April 21, 2022

The Fairbanks location expands our service within Alaska from our existing location in Wasilla, AK. Central Welding Supply’s customers couldn’t be any farther apart. We’ve dispatched Central Welding Supply cylinders to Palmer Station in Antarctica. Distance can’t stop us from delivering products as far as the customer needs them to go.

Congratulations on all your hard work, and Good Luck!


Visit the Fairbanks, Alaska location page
for details and local contacts.


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