The Best Plasma Cuts and Longest-wear for Consumables

Filtering the air for plasma cutting is very important, but also how it’s done is just as important!

~ Mike Gordley, Manager, Equipment Repair Division Headquarters

SPECIAL THANKS to Mike Gordley, our leading certified repair technician for everything. As well as fixing equipment that can keep on working, he shares his wisdom with the whole team. This is a “trade secret” kind of wisdom, you don’t know to ask about – you think all the basic stuff should work as is. It does – the first time. Nothing new stays new. For the BEST results you plan for cause and effect of turning on the machine.

Hypertherm has the solution to KEEP it clean and KEEP it running like the first time.

High Quality Air – Clean and Dry

By Max Williams, Hypertherm

This seems so obvious and I’m positive I’m not telling you anything new.

We all know we need dry, clean air. It’s why companies invest in sophisticated filtering systems for their air compressors, and it’s why countless shop managers and foremen are confident their shop air is dry and clean. Unfortunately, people often overlook what happens to the air after it leaves the compressor.

When air travels around the shop, sometimes through hundreds of feet of pipe, condensation builds-up in the lines due to temperature variations. Also, a single line of air might be feeding air to several tools. Since each tool is lubricated at the connection point, that oil can back-feed into the air line, passing this contaminant downstream. By the time the air reaches your plasma cutter, this build-up of moisture and impurities are fed directly into the system. This significantly decreases consumable life, compromises cut quality, and may even cause harm to the torch and power supply.

For the best performance, it’s important to filter the air yet again at the Powermax gas inlet. Hypertherm offers a special air filter for just this reason. It prevents water and particles from reaching the plasma cutter. If you already have a filter, great. If not, then I strongly recommend you buy one. This filter will save you money in the long run by extending the life of your consumables, torch, and power supply. It will also improve cut quality.

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THANKS to Mike Gordley for sharing ways to get the best plasma cuts, save money, and lots of wear and tear on your consumables – so they last as long as they can.

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