W.E.ROCK FOLLOW-UP REPORT: August 7-8, 2021 Regional Competition

The Western Series 3 of the W.E.ROCK rock crawling competition was held August 7-8 at Broken Boulder Farms in Goldendale, WA. Bryan Bennett, Driver, and Spotter, Cody Gabriel competed in the Sportsman AA Class, placing 5th out of 11 in their series.

Alex Sims, Inside Sales at our Pacific Welding Supplies location in Bremerton, WA engaged Central Welding Supply’s sponsorship for the team, motivated by a personal interest in the sport. Alex defines rock crawling as a match of wits and engineering to overcome obstacles as a team.

Team #91 placed 5th Place. Though Alex noted that drivers in 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place had twice the maneuverability over Team #91’s “front steer only” trucks.

It’s a slow race. But, no less exciting with a closer view.
Alex Sims was invited to participate as a judge at the event. Todd Barnes, Outside Sales from our Seattle, WA location also attended the event with his wife. They were excited to garner some of the best seats in the house! Alex said, “You just have to duck a few rocks the size of basketballs.” It was all worth the risk to Alex for the chance to share some time in the pits.

The next Regional Competition in Goldendale, WA is scheduled in September.

W.E.ROCK – Regional Competition
September 7-8, 2021
Broken Boulder Farms, Goldendale, WA

Alex shared the following video from the event. (He makes an appearance at 6:00 minutes, rolling a vehicle back on its tires.)

Visit Central Welding Supply’s Motorsports page for PNW motorsports updates on teams we sponsor!

Visit the W.E.Rock website for all the rules and the full schedule of events.

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