EXTREME SPORT: American Sprint Boat Racing

Central Welding Supply sponsored the ASB racing event on July 24, 2021, and will be again for the competition  scheduled September 11, 2021.

ASB Pro Series Sprint Boat Racing
September 11, 2021
Extreme Sports Park – Port Angeles, WA

Art Treptow, Pacific Welding Supplies, Olympia, Paul Feeney, Central Gases, Marven Mcquade, Central Welding Supply, Tukwila, WA, Mike Buell, VP Central Welding Supply

With our sponsorship, we received tent space, tickets and room for our banners. Central Welding Supply and Central Cryogenic staff members, Paul Feeney and Marven McQuade, claimed the prime real estate for Central Welding Supply’s canopy and accommodations. They arrived early Friday and camped on site for the weekend, and hung the banners!

Central Welding Supply also contributed prizes (gift cards) for the 7th (or last place) boat in each of 3 Divisions. Paul and Marven handed out our stickers. As you see, many of the boats were happy to display them. Though, we did not sponsor any individual boats.

CWS Prime Viewing Location under the Central Welding Supply logo.

Mike Buell, who leads our Motorsports sponsorship program, said, “The ASB Sprint Boat Series race at Extreme Sports Park is a super well run event. I would guess that the attendance was 3500 people, but they were so spread out that it wasn’t at all crowded. The Extreme Sports Park is owned and operated by Dan and Kelie Morrison, Dan is also the driver of the Wicked Racing Boat.”

Dan Morrison and Wicked Racing crew

Mike said what was most impressive, “Races are staffed by local volunteers and they were all phenomenal! Everyone was friendly, helpful, cheerful and genuinely seemed happy to devote their time to what felt like a Port Angeles Community event. One family comes from as far as Vancouver to camp for the week to volunteer their time and effort to support the events.

ASB Racing is a two-member team sport. It takes two to see where you’re going and prepare for the next wild turn!

The Extreme Sports Park

If you like thrills and wet spills, save the dates!
Visit ASB Website for 2021 Schedule


ASB Pro Series Sprint Boat Racing
September 11, 2021
Extreme Sports Park – Port Angeles, WA

WHOOPS!!! It Happens!!!

Visit Central Welding Supply’s Motorsports page for PNW motorsports updates on teams we sponsor!

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