W.E.Rock: Extreme Sport & Slowest “Race”

Central Welding Supply is proud to be a sponsor of Team #91 and “The Banquet Buggy” in the Regional Competition for W.E.ROCK Extreme Sports Rock Crawl competition. Bryan “Opie” Bennett, Driver and Tory Trinka, Spotter (Team #91) are no strangers to getting rigs over and through obstacles.

W.E.ROCK – Regional Competition
September 7-8, 2021
Western Series 3 – August 7-8
Broken Boulder Farms, Goldendale, WA

Opie, Driver, “The Banquet Buggy”

Tory drove for team “Those Guys Rod and Customs” to win multiple 1st place finishes in the W.E.ROCK modified stock class in the 2006-2008 seasons, including a 2nd place at All Stock Nationals. Bryan ‘Opie’ Bennett has been competing since 2008 and also has multiple 1st place event finishes in the Cal-Rocs, CalNeva, IdahoXRocks, and W.E.ROCK events. Tory and Opie have been competing together since 2013. 

WE.ROCK is an extreme sport that is “pushing forward” beyond challenges as a Team.  It’s a one-way course with points taken away if you have to back up. The way through is a commitment from the start. When you’re the Driver in a rig on a rock, aimed toward blue sky, you have to trust the Spotter for the next turn, straight down. Opie was the 3rd Place winning Driver at the 2020 regional competition.

“The Banquet Buggy” after a “race.”

Alex Sims, part of our Sales team at Bremerton’s Pacific Welding Supplies location, raised attention to the Extreme Sport for Central Welding Supply’s sponsorship of Team #91 two years ago. The sport has been of personal interest to Alex for several years before joining the Central Welding team, working at our location in Lynnwood, WA. That’s where Alex engaged Central Welding Supply to support our first National Off-road Competition.

Alex noted the comradery of the sport drew his interest. “Rock crawling is a team sport  –  a test of engineering as much as pushing beyond obstacles together. The course requires total trust between the driver and spotter to navigate a straight course without turning back,” said Alex.

Driver, Bryan ‘Opie’ Bennett, is a 34-year-old Washington resident, living in Port Orchard, WA.  He’s also an Engineering Supervisor at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA. Central Welding Supply sponsors Team #91 with a variety of gas products, so more money can go to the cost of engineering. Opie says it covers, “a CO2 bottle for filling tires and air tools, 75% Argon / 25% CO2 for MIG welding, 100% argon for TIG welding, Oxygen, Acetylene, and Propane for grilling and campground campfires to tell stories around.”

Rock crawling is an exciting Extreme Sport – a test of engineering wits and the will to follow. Central Welding Supply is cheering them on at the Regionals, to “push on” to the Nationals and take the platform again – with a First Place Win!

Alex will be attending to cover the event first-hand, along with Mike Buell. Mike is the primary lead for Motorsports sponsorships, with personal focus on NASCAR and traditional racing events. He’s seen cars and drivers go as fast as they can. Mike says, “Cars go faster with a Central Welding Supply logo.” Now he’ll see the excitement that Alex says switches “from miles per hour to feet per hour.”

W.E.ROCK – Regional Competition
September 7-8, 2021
Western Series 3 – August 7-8
Broken Boulder Farms, Goldendale, WA

Visit Central Welding Supply’s Motorsports page for PNW motorsports updates on teams we sponsor!

Visit the W.E.Rock website for all the rules and the full schedule of events.

NATIONALS: Extreme Rock Crawling – WE Rock Grand Nationals 2019 – Reckless Wrench Garage

W.E. ROCK Goldendale Wa. 2019. Rock crawling (YouTube)

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