“Pause for Safety” On-Site Training

Last week, Marshall Judy, Regional Manager of our Northern territory, offered his expertise for a “Pause for Safety” training event hosted on-site by one of our customers. Training was focused on the Chemtane II fuel gas, an alternative fuel gas product offered by Central Welding Supply.

The customer that hosted the event uses Chemtane II in their machine shop for heating and cutting with Smith Equipment. Chemtane II fuel gas is a safer, hotter, and more cost effective gas for most heating applications.

Education has been a special focus for Marshall, who regularly works with schools, providing support for school workshop designs with equipment to address the hazards. There’s an expert on-board at Central Welding Supply, that knows YOUR safety hazards inside-out.

Safety education insures the future for everyone and your business. Marshall and others come with the handouts and relevant materials for due documentation and compliance.

Central Welding Supply has a team of Safety Training experts who support the products we sell from every Division. Whether it’s welding and cutting safety, or PPE training, we are prepared and ready to pause from selling, for the most fundamental intention – the safe way to work with the products we provide in inventory.

ASK, when you have a training need. There’s an expert willing and able to support the cause, saving hours you might spend putting the training together from inhouse resources! Contact the closest location to ask about your training needs, and we can find the Expert for your business. Download Info on our Safety Teams!

Chemtane II can be a “secret weapon” if you haven’t tried it. Cutting hotter, cuts faster and easier – lowering the hazards associated with time.

Download our Chemtane II brochure to learn the details.

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