Skagit Speedway: Sprint Car “Dirt Cup” series, Driver, Chris Green

A shout out to Chris Green, a Central Welding Sponsored driver in Skagit Speedway’s 3-day annual Sprint Car “Dirt Cup” series last weekend! Chris drove #75 in the “Dirt Cup” held in Bellingham, WA, June 24, 25, 26, 2021. There were 63 Sprint Cars pre-entered for the race.

Chris was 14 when he joined the team for the North American Eagle team, a project attempting to break the landspeed record. Now 27, Chris has earned his own time on the track. The car is painted with the Jessi Combs Foundation logo and her signature Lincoln Welders red poke-a-dot livery. The foundation was created in memory of Jessi’s contribution as driver for the North American Eagle. At the end, Chris was in charge of packing the parachutes and running the M32-60B turbine powered start cart, responsibilities he inherited from two older teammates who could no longer continue.

Chris is a lifetime racer, starting out with BMX bikes, moto and super cross and the last three years driving a Midget race car.

Good luck, Chris, in the 2021racing season. And, thanks to Keith Zanghi from the team for sharing the photo and the story!

Skagit Speedway Season Schedule


Visit the Central Welding Supply website for more news on the drivers and events we sponsor in the Pacific Northwest, including wins by the Lucky Dawg Racing League and the “PacNW ENDURANCE CUP” hosted by Central Welding Supply, 6 Races held at 4 tracks this summer in the Pacific Northwest!

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