Training Topic: Choosing a Brazing Alloy

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Brazing Alloy

by Harris Products Group

Brazing: Form, fix, or join by soldering with an alloy

Brazing requires that the filler metal flow into a capillary between the two closely aligned base metals to be joined. In the case of copper-phosphorus braze alloys – these base metals are usually copper or brass, and joint integrity is dependent on a number of factors in addition to the choice of filler metal.

Phos-copper, and phos-copper-silver brazing alloys – such as Harris Stay Silv® alloys, Dynaflow® and Blockade® – are used for joining copper, brass and bronze only. You never want to join steel, cast iron or stainless steel with a phosphorus containing braze alloy; simply put the connection provides limited strength.

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