Plasma Troubleshooting: Five reasons why table slats are so important

“Sometimes when troubleshooting plasma cut quality, it’s not the plasma that’s the problem.” Ann Thompson, Hypertherm, shares insight on how the table can affect the quality of the cut.

Cutting table slats impact plasma system performance almost as much as the plasma arc itself. That’s because smooth slats support and level your metal plate, and they are critical for maintaining the proper torch height and cut angle throughout the cut. Plus, when the torch-to-work distance is accurate, you avoid torch collisions to maximize cut speed and eliminate rework when the plate comes off the table.

Inspecting your slats is an important part of plasma cutting and your routine maintenance schedule returns greater benefits  through:

  • Better cut quality
  • Better system performance
  • Longer consumable life
  • Greater productivity
  • Lower operating costs

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