Safety Topic: Hand & Finger Injuries

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Injury to hands and fingers are among the MOST FREQUENT workplace injuries. They are the TOOLS we use for most everything. Our Safety Training topic for “Hand & Finger Injuries” is a good resource for raising employee awareness of the risks, hazards, and ways to prevent them.

SAFETY TOPIC: Hand & Finger Injuries

Training handout includes:

  • General Information & Basic Protections
  • Identifying and Controlling the Hazards
  • Major Causes of Hand and Finger Injuries in the Welding Industry


Training Handout (PDF): SAFETY TOPIC: Hand and Finger Injuries (2020)

lightbulbSafety Training Record
Keep a record of all personal Safety training!

A folder documenting special topics will be an asset for every future job interview. 


Safety Products: Hand and Finger Protection

A new line of PIP Safety Gloves are the top of the line for hazards that presents the greatest risk of injury. Two featured on our current safety flyer are Cut Gloves – one designed for heavy lifting with sharp edges, and the other uses a tighter weave to prevent smaller pieces from getting through.

Our current Safety Product Flyer features DOZENS of special-application gloves. They cover the hazards of everyday handling to protection from wet and dirty chemical or bio hazard exposure. The Safety Flyer also features welding gloves and gloves that have been our customers’ classic favorites… along with a wide range of PPE.

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Central Welding Supply Safety Division Page

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