HIGHER PRODUCTION: New Pferd Abrasives for Aluminum


We ALL know there are faster and better ways to do things. Sometimes, it’s just the cost that makes it prohibitive to use the latest technology. These times are different. With most businesses running with less than full staff, out of necessity, we can find the extra cost DOES make sense. We might even wish we’d tried it sooner. Pferd’s new ALUMASTER disc is worth its weight to increase production for everyone, AND end with the best results possible.

The innovative High Speed Disc ALUMASTER is a unique tool with an extremely high stock removal performance, which was specially developed for use on angle grinders. Pferd has made the truth evident in their latest video to launch the ALUMASTER abrasive disc!

The Essential Products and Services provided by Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies are still rolling out to our customers. We’ve carefully held a Your supply chain in place. If these look like a good solution for your business, we can get them on the way to you in a hurry.

Watch the video and see how YOU could SAVE time in a way that increases your production, and end with results like these.

We have 25 locations in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. We’re open, and there’s a friendly expert waiting to help you!  (And, they know even MORE genius ways to “skin a dime.”)

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