SAFETY TOPIC: Oil Mist Respiratory Hazards

Oil Mist is Unbreathable

Safety Article from Diversitech

Diversitech is a valued partner of Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies for CNC technology and Air Pollution Systems. This post features a Diversitech safety article on the hazards of Oil Mist, encountered in CNC and other metalworking applications.

Oil based cutting fluids are often used in CNC milling, machining and metalworking. The coolant used during these processes generate airborne mist and smoke that present multiple health risks to workers.

Not only does exposure to oil mist potentially lead to occupational disease, it also creates slick working conditions where operators can easily fall and get hurt. But employers risk more than the health of their workers by failing to contain dangerous oil mist. Sensitive shop machinery is also vulnerable to damage due to oil mist if left uncontrolled.

Health Risks
Workers can become exposed to oil mist through either skin contact, inhalation or ingestion. Many health experts believe that most occupational exposure results from skin contact. While oil mist is dangerous on its own, it often becomes contaminated with other chemicals, making it even more toxic to worker health.

Studies have linked long-term exposure of oil mist to an increased susceptibility of several types of cancer.

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The full safety article covers the health problems related to exposure, and symptoms associated with high concentrations of oil mist. Other Diversitech Safety topics at the link include: WELDING FUMES, GRINDING DUST, HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM, VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS, & LEAD-FREE SOLDER

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