One of the easiest ways to extend the life and performance of your cutting equipment is some basic maintenance of your torch consumables. The following “Tips on Tips” comes from our Repair Division, based on receiving equipment for repair that could be easily fixed at home by cleaning or replacing the tip.

Following are the conditions that can relate to a failure to properly maintain or replace your cutting tips:

  • Lower efficiencies
  • Increase in gas consumption
  • Sub-standard work quality and more post and re-work
  • Greater slag accumulation and wider kerfs when cutting
  • Poor cut face quality and substandard joints

tip-cleanerThere’s a tool for this for about $5.00 that can save the cost of sending in for repairs you can do yourself. You can find a torch tip cleaner in most any welding supply store. Cleaning pins are calibrated for a variety of torch tip sizes.

Learn more from Harris’s article on maintaining and replacing cutting and welding tips!

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