INNOVATION INSPIRED BY NECESSITY: Congratulations to U.M.C., Mukilteo, WA

UMC- portable stationsNecessity is the Mother of Invention… and our congratulations go to U.M.C. in Mukilteo, WA, a customer that has been in the business of fabricating solutions for 100 years. U.M.C.’s latest innovation was featured April 8, 2020 on KIRO7 TV, the evening news broadcast from Seattle, WA. U.M.C’s portable handwashing stations are a direct response to the healthcare industry’s new safety challenges and necessities of COVID-19.

UMC- portable stations-ontv

MUKILTEO, Wash. (KIRO7) – Coronavirus caused a small Mukilteo company to create portable handwashing stations that can be transported to virtually anywhere.

U.M.C’s portable handwashing stations streamline construction with ready-to-install solutions for temporary and portable safety facilities. Though, that’s only a first application of how this innovation can serve MANY worthy applications.

Jerry Bush, CEO of U.M.C. said, “Each washing station is absolutely needed. It was needed in normal times and it’s definitely needed now.” He explains it as a simple concept. People don’t have to go far to keep clean. Each station is a “one-stop-shop.” Every device features a hands-free sink, a hands-free soap dispenser, and a hands-free towel dispenser.

U.M.C. is already conceiving new applications beyond the needs of the COVID-19 virus. In an indication of their mobility, U.M.C. employees said each station could be lifted by crane onto high-rise construction projects. “They can be lifted onto the 20th floor, 30th floor, whatever it may be to make hand washing accessible to the whole workforce,” said Steve Brooks, vice president for U.M.C.

Central Welding Supply is grateful to be a part of a success that defines the essential products and services for customers who are carrying on the industry so necessary to meet new challenges today and tomorrow. Medical Gases aren’t the only essential products we deliver along the I-5 corridor of Washington and Oregon, or to the Mat-Su Valley and beyond in Alaska.

Among the UNSUNG HEROES are humans with bright ideas that must be carried out with a welding torch. Most of us only see the end of such ideas, never imagining all the inspiration and effort that went into fabricating the design.

THANK YOU, U.M.C. for thinking and creating solutions to make life better and safer for the whole!

Read the Whole Story from KIRO7 Here. Share your kudos on U.M.C.’s facebook page to acknowledge these hidden heroes, working behind the scenes. They are carrying out ESSENTIAL WORK for us that CAN’T be done from home. Learn more about U.M.C.  – thinkers and builders since 1920.


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