Do you work at or own a construction company, medical or dental office, or other organization with an inventory of potentially life-saving personal protective equipment? Donate personal protective equipment to our health care workers. Central Welding Supply is helping to make a way.

COVID-19 Supply Drive: Do you work at or own a construction company, medical or dental office, or other organization with an inventory of potentially life-saving personal protective equipment?

Central Welding Supply sees the resource of our Time and Place with access to those who have needed supplies, and wheels rolling along the I-5 Corridor from the Canadian border to south Oregon.

We are connecting customers from the divisions of Medical Gases and customers in the industrial industry, to track down all the available resources within our own system and get them where they are most needed.

The story is best told, by Dale Wilton, CEO who has been working tirelessly – not as one, but with our entire team to see where we can carry these much needed supplies. Below is Dale’s Message.


March 20, 2020: Companywide Update

ALL – Following up on yesterday’s companywide email regarding getting in contact with local first responders, cities, counties, state and federal contacts of all kinds: I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who emailed, called or texted people they know in virtually all capacities at these sort of agencies. Our staff acted immediately, and we have already helped in many, many ways that just wouldn’t have happened if folks didn’t reach out. Not everything resulted in us selling something (and in fact in only a few instances did we take orders – that wasn’t really the point), however we connected people to other resources, we made ourselves available to help with supply shortages of all kinds, and we established back-up plans for oxygen supply and more. We made a lot happen in ONE day, thanks to everyone’s personal and business connections and relationships.

And that was just yesterday. That effort continues on all fronts, where we look to supply what we can, deliver what we can, and help wherever we can.

That brings me to the reason for this morning’s quick email. Out of those conversations, and texted to me just this morning, was a reminder that the local unions representing healthcare workers, first responders, nurses and other critical workers have assembled a website and system for anyone in industry (or ANY business) who has unused and available PPE that could be donated. With many companies slowing or shutting down business temporarily, this is a great way for them to help the overall cause, and pull their respirators and safety glasses and whatever else might be available and put them IN USE helping to protect front line healthcare staff and first responders. Please utilize your email and text network of friends and neighbors to share this link:

Dale Wilton
Central Welding Supply

THANK YOU, Dale Wilton (CEO) and Mickey Wilton (Chairman, and Founder) for upholding a business that allows us to be a part of something so important at this time.



    1. WeldersPro, D Malmos says:

      Hi Sabrina – That’s the plan. To gather inventory of safety supplies from the industrial sector – through the WA organization that serves as a central point – Central Welding Supply is a distributor with a supply chain rolling on I-5 thru WA and OR – and in Alaska.


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