On the Road: North, In Alaska

Wheels are still rolling at Central Welding Supply. The team in Wasilla, Alaska can see Spring on the horizon – though, it’s not there yet.

It’s hard to believe two years have passed since our opening of the Wasilla, Alaska location, the Northern reach of our territory. It’s a front row seat to a “different world” for many of us, and we enjoy the pictures shared by David Ratner.

The trucks are rolling in the North as they continue down South, up and down the I-5 corridor from Canada, through Washington and on through Oregon. We have plans to keep them rolling through “all kinds of weather.”

Central Welding Supply in Wasilla is a distribution point for the Mat-Su Valley, as well as distribution points through Anchorage that can expand reach to offer our products and services state-wide.

Up North they are still rolling through the snow, though they are clearly happy to share the first signs of the Light of Spring. It must look like “a beautiful Spring day” there, for as cold as it looks from here. Thanks to David Ratner, Wasilla manager, and to the whole team that feels like next-door, but sure doesn’t look like it.

The sunrise photo looks beautiful from Seattle, where we can feel it at 38 degrees ABOVE zero. I guess it could look even better at 19 degrees this morning in Wasilla.

Wishing everyone North in Alaska a great day – and a happy Spring!

Just for old-times sake. The first visitor that stopped by before the “grand opening.”

And the brighter days to come!



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