NEWS: Expanded Facility for Specialty Gas Production

The latest news at Central Welding Supply is the unveiling of our new Specialty Gas Mixture Lab, a state-of-the-art production facility at Smokey Point, WA headquarters. The facility is the only one of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary Emerson, Fill Plant Operations Manager, Specialty Gas Production expert.

The outside sales team from all regions of our territory were given the first formal tour on February 12, 2020. All the location managers will see it for the first time tomorrow.

The system was configured, engineered and installed under the direction of Gary Emerson, our Lead Manager of all Central Welding Supply Fill Plant operations. A similar system has been in place under Gary’s control. The new technology will exponentially advance our capabilities of production.

Specialty Gases require the Highest Purity standards, up to 99.9999%, for Research Grade Ultra High Purity. Specialty Gases are required for Life Science, Healthcare, and Laser applications, just to name a few. There is very little tolerance when you are measuring gas particles – and the extreme case when you’re reaching for the four nines! A gentle breeze can affect the results.


Under open environmental conditions, the process has required production in the “still” of the morning before dawn. Under controlled conditions, the Highest Purity Gases can be produced at any time.

The system with the cylinder chamber looks something like “Dr. Who.” Formulas that are entered on the panel insure perfect results in the controlled environment. Dr. Who could only dream of such a setup.

There’s NOTHING else like it in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a one-of-its-kind Resource through which Central Cryogenics and sales through Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies can guarantee both high production capacity for the Highest Purity gas in the marketplace. Central Welding Supply controls the purity. We can Personally guarantee the results under our control.

spec-gas-fac-4-RESEARCH GRADEGuaranteeing purity is Gary Emerson’s job. He documents the purity and results for every cylinder that goes out the door. Certificates of Conformance (COC) are kept by Gary for every cylinder filled by batch. He also produces the Certificates of Analysis (COA), available on request, that will document the gas in a single-cylinder… necessary at the level of Scientific Research.

Emersons-clean-floorsThe new facility is a project that has required TIME. And, Gary Emerson, took the Time to perfect it down to the last detail. Just look at the floors. The tour began with Gary’s Intention that they will STAY that way.

HIGH-pressure fill station
High Pressure Fill System for Helium, Argon, and Nitrogen Mixtures.

Gary led the effort, though the manifestation was a joint effort of Gas System Specialists and Bulk System Sales Engineers who combined their talents.

concoa-newAlong with a system upgrade, Central Cryogenic gas system experts, raised their own expertise through formal certification as CONCOA certified specialists. Recognition goes to Jeff Kadyk, Life Science Channel Manager, Kevin Herbert and Nate Kelsey, Sales Engineers who successfully completed their CONCOA certifications.

fill-plant-fillerExpanded expertise and expanded production of the gases that require the Highest Specifications are powers that will work together to the end of Central Welding Supply’s Highest Mission – to return the most Exceptional Customer Service, the most Ready Supply, and the Best and Purest Gas Products for the Whole territory of the Pacific Northwest from Oregon and Washington to Alaska.

Congratulations to the experts who put their heads together to pull it off.

In the Production for delivery of ALL our Gas Products, we acknowledge the ones in operation who pull it off every day… the Fill Plant team and the Cylinder Maintenance Plant team who certify our own cylinders and are rolling cylinders every day, all day long.

We run like a family. It’s what makes the Difference at Central Welding Supply, where everyone is acknowledged for products and services that can only be offered by an investment we all make together – to the end of  – a Delivery on Time with the best customer service for the very best products we can provide.

The effort invested has made Central Welding Supply the largest independent bulk, micro-bulk, and specialty gas production business in our part of the Pacific Northwest.

Cylinder Maintenance Facility – The place where our cylinders are certified and given the stamp that brands them with Our Guarantee of Service.

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