COMING NEWS: Upgraded Training Facility

Our most valuable resource is the expertise held by our staff members, assigned with the task of matching needs to our customers’ processing applications. Internal training is part of the “old news” that’s fundamental to our service. The COMING NEWS is the expanded and remodeled facility that will accommodate a growing staff in our expanding service territory.

Sneak peek of the remodeled lecture training room.

At Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies, our sales staff and store managers have always been kept up to date with firsthand experience on the products we sell. Training in-house is an ongoing effort, as well as training through educational programs offered by the manufacturers of the products we sell.

WELDING BOOTH-side-by-side
A small corner of a bigger picture.

On the schedule for next week is the first major training event that will be held in the new facility for staff members throughout our region. The lab and training center updated with all state-of-the-art equipment will extend the opportunity to see welding production and safety from the highest technology – from the beginning to end.

You’ll have to return for the whole story after next-week, when we have the photos from the biggest internal training event in Central Welding Supply’s history.

cnc-table training
CNC plasma cutting training table

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