South Bend High School Welding Lab with long-term plan for Pacific County, Washington community

south-bend-hs-studentsCentral Welding Supply is pleased to support the launch of a new welding program introduced at South Bend High School’s Open House, November 22, 2019.

jon and jaydaJon Tienhaara, Superintendent of South Bend Schools, championed the project through a fundraising effort for the broader Pacific County community. Among his first steps was to bring on board Jayda Jessie, Instructor, to set up the welding lab for the initial South Bend High School program.

Ms. Jessie is an educator for Robotics and Metal Shop, as well as Horticulture and Food Science. In addition to classroom academics, Jayda is the advisor of a brand new FFA chapter. Jayda led the consolidation of resources for the welding program, working with Lincoln Electric and Central Welding Supply in Aberdeen, WA.

another pacific person

Superintendent, Tienhaara’s long range plan includes a partnership between South Bend and Raymond, WA for a future relocation as a joint facility at the Port of Willapa Harbor. The Open House celebrated the beginning of a long vocational program that can serve the greater community.


In addition to offering support for the configuration and installation of the welding lab, Central Welding Supply is continuing support through hands-on technical training for the new equipment. Training by professionally certified welding instructors on staff at Central Welding Supply is intended to help jump-start the program by making students more comfortable with operation and practical application.

In addition to training support, Central Welding Supply has also donated welding and safety supplies .

bob hankel

We are grateful to be a part of a long-range effort that will expand vocational training opportunities for the Pacific County community.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Welding Students who will benefit from a state of the art welding facility, and our best wishes to the leaders at South Bend High School that are making it possible!

Following are those who have contributed their support to the South Bend High School program:

Jeff Brooks, Regional Manager, Central Welding Supply
Bob Hankel, Vice President Sales, Pacific Welding Supplies
Chris Kincaid, Outside Sales, Central Welding Supply, Aberdeen, WA
Wayne Wallace, Outside Sales, Pacific Welding Supplies, Olympia, WA
Nate Bowman, Certified Welding Instructor, Portland, OR
Michael Warner, Lincoln Electric, Educational Sales

Thanks to Nate Bowman for sharing photos from training and the Open House!



close-up weld


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