Grand Opening: Highmark Marine Fabrication, Kodiak, AK

Central Welding Supply was please to visit Highmark Marine Fabrication for their  Official Grand Opening in Kodiak, Alaska

Pictured left/right: Jerry Bracy, Marshall Judy, Ronay Gibson, Bud Domrude,
and Pete Nolfi in the back.

Central Welding Supply staff members from Wasilla, along with a team from our Smokey Point, WA headquarters were happy to participate in the grand opening for a new distributor in Kodiak.


Highmark Marine Fabrication offers a tour of their newly remodeled showroom and inventory, as well as demo their CNC Waterjet in action. Highmark will serve as a distributor of 3M Products, PPG Coatings, and Central Welding Supply welding supplies.

wasilla-2Central Welding Supply was happy to donate some prizes for the event.
Our best wishes to Highmark Marine on their successful opening!



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