Oxy-fuel Cylinder Safety: Large-scale application

Oxy-fuel experts from our Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies divisions share their success story from a Heating project at SeaTac that required special expertise for proper configuration of oxy-fuel sources and related gas apparatus.

Oxy-Fuel Safety: Installation at SeaTac

Thanks to Tom McGowan for share the photo from a Heating project at SeaTac. In the background you can see they have Oxygen 16 packs and Chemtane (Oxy-Fuel Mix) 425 cylinders covered with fire blankets to protect them from falling sparks & debris.

The Heating is being done in the hooches they’ve assembled, close to 150’ in the air!

Experts from both Central Welding Supply and Pacific Welding Supplies division were chosen over their current contracted supplier for our expertise, required to correctly configure gases and apparatus to safely allow them to simultaneously run two huge Heating tips, each delivering over 1 million BTU’s per hour. We delivered Gases and equipment on Friday. Job started Monday, 9/09 and will be finished 9/13.

Reports from the field indicate success and that everything is working exactly as expected.

When you need an expert for a large-scale operation (or some friendly personal advice), the staff on hand at Central and Pacific’s 24 locations represent over 1,000 years of expertise. SOMEONE has a solution to come to the rescue!

A nod to Terry Sweeney, John Powers, Pete Hochstatter, and Tom McGowan who worked together to provide a solution their existing supplier couldn’t deliver!


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