Sponsorship: W.E. Rock, World Extreme Rock Climbing Series

Central Welding Supply is pleased to sponsor it’s first driver and buggy in the W.E. Rock Competition. Four rounds by the Eastern and Western divisions are completed in each Series, that lead up to the W.E. Rock Grand National in September. The Western Series Round 4 competes August 10-11, 2019 in Goldendale, Washington.

rock-car-3Thanks to Alex Sims, Inside Sales, at our Port Townsend, WA location for sharing some photos of extreme rock climbing and the car sponsored by Central Welding Supply. Bryan Bennett is the driver from Port Townsend.

rock-car1From a first hand experience, Alex reports that seeing the truck’s in their natural habitat is  amazing, though he says they still look pretty cool sitting in the driveway.

More photos to come, when we find out how it turns out!



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