Sponsorship: Metal Boat Society Festival, Anacortes, WA

Central Welding Supply is a continuing sponsor of The Metal Boat Society, a group of metal boat enthusiasts centered in Anacortes, WA. Anacortes lies on the north shore of Fidalgo Island in Washington State’s Puget Sound.

sante marina
Cap Sante Marina

The Metal Boat Society Festival held each year is an opportunity for metal boat enthusiasts to gather and share their projects, adventures, and pick up some technical information about metal boats.

Members are offered free moorage by the Cap Sante Marina. The Port of Anacortes reflects its history as a picturesque “fishing village,” also a popular tourist destination. Anacortes is known for its fishing and thriving canning industry, and timber mills.

Spencer and Festival Organizer completing setup of the Central Welding Supply exhibit

The Festival features seminar speakers who are involved in designing, building, outfitting, and cruising on metal boats. Before, after and in-between, it’s a chance for mates to trade the wisdom of their own experience.

Thanks to Alan Robertson, Outside Sales, and Spencer Cole, Inside Sales, from our Anacortes, WA location, who hosted the on-site exhibit. Last minute requests for a presentation offered Spencer an impromptu opportunity to demo the operation of Miller’s Multimatic 220 AC/DC multi-process welder. Together, Alan and Spencer were able to field questions on a number of topics of interest to the metal boat enthusiasts that attended the event.

Thanks to Alan for sharing the picture of Central Welding Supply’s exhibit setup, and to both of you for jumping in to share your expertise!

Metal Boat Society Website

Members free guest moorage at the marina



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