Seattle Seafair Weekend, and Central Welding Supply Hydro-racing Sponsorship

It’s Seafair weekend in Seattle and that means the Hydros including the Central Welding Supply sponsored U-11 and GP-55 will be on the water. 

Seattle Seafair Weekend is a community celebration, part of Seattle Fleet Week, when a parade of Navy vessels cruise Elliott Bay, and the Blue Angels take to the sky.

Seafair is a ten-week long festival featuring over 30 sanctioned events that reach more than two-million people.


We’re proud to sponsor the U-11 Unlimited Racing Group and Driver, Jamie Nilsen.

Outboard Hydroplane Accomplishments:
– Set 12 world speed records (currently hold 6)
– 15-time national high point champion
– 3-time national championship winner
– 2x APBA hall of champions inductee (2001,2002)

Inboard Hydroplane Accomplishments:
-2013 5 liter national champion (co-driver)
-2014 Set current 1.25 Grand Prix world record
-2014 Qualified as unlimited hydroplane driver
-2014 Unlimited hydroplane heat win
-2016 San Diego Bayfair Grand Prix race win
-2017 & 2018 Grand Prix Eastern Div Champion
-2018 Grand Prix North American Champion

U-11 Unlimited Racing Website

Seattle Seafair Website


The pirates will be landing at Alki beach. BEWARE, you might decide to join them for some fun and entertainment.




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