Central Welding Supply 125 – Winner’s Circle

(Pictured: Two of our Central Welding Supply “winning” Truck drivers, Ryan Philpot and Rob Perry – at least they got to HOLD the money.)

A Great Time was had by ALL at Central Welding Supply’s Night at the Races! PLUS, two of the 3 winning drivers were racing cars with our logo! There were more than race cars on the Evergreen Speedway track on Saturday Night (July 27, 2019)!  SO, SHOW ME THE MONEY!

And the winners are…

From Left: Naima Lang, Mike Holden, Mike Buell, VP Central Welding Supply, Trevor Cristiani


  • First Place #32 Mike Holden
  • Second Place #00 Naima Lang
  • Third Place #90  Trevor Cristiani

24 cars qualified and 22 started the Central Welding Supply 125 on Saturday, July 27th. There were lots of employees, customers, friends and family and it was a great night for racing in the Northwest. All but two of the cars had Central Welding Supply logos. Although drivers came from all over the West, two of the three top finishers were local drivers and supporters of Central Welding Supply. (YAY… THANK YOU!)

Ethan, Connor and friends with Jordyn
The next generation.

Special thanks to “our own” who supported the event. Scott Mann, Jeff Brooks & Brian Cunningham all assisted with all the details of customer relations from branding to the balloons.

The staff at Central is proud of OUR WHEELS on the track. Aaron Millette assembled and organized the Parade of Trucks that rolled out prior to the Main Event. Below is our own “circle of winners” that delivers the Central goods!

Central is a “family business” run by generations of families.  (FYI – The photo, right, is bound to include a future welder or Central Welding Supply employee.)

The Fleet Parade drivers and passengers are: Gordon Lebar, Renee Brewer, Michael Merwin, Connor Vanpevenage, Will Pehl, Willow Pehl, Ryan Philpot, Jacson Philpot, Rob Perry, Jeff Wilson, Austin Jones. Thank you for driving on your day off to show off the power behind the scenes – the Drivers and Trucks!!!

Thank you to all who turned out to make this such a Winning Event! And thanks to the Drivers who are our customers, and the store managers who manage the products and services we roll out!

More photos from the event:

mike and winner
Mike Buell, VP Central Welding Supply, SHOWING THE MONEY to Mike Holden, First Place Winner.

Mike Buell is the “Central” organizing force for Evergreen Raceway sponsorship, and the lead for our support of Motorsports in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you Mike!

Central’s view from the stands.
Kaleigh Olson green flag starter. Kevin and Carter Olson in the Pace Car.

THE WHEELS AND DRIVERS that are the Pride of our Fleet…

They may not move as fast, but our customers can vouch that they are ON TIME, when it’s ON SCHEDULE, or an unscheduled “need it now” delivery!  Thank you for the Late Nights and the Very Early Mornings!!!

2019-CWS125-FLEET 4


2019-CWS125-FLEET 2
Among the newest in our fleet are Portable Tube Trailer transports. The Tube Trailer (shown right) is akin to a standing bulk tank… only on wheels, for high-volume short-term gas applications.


2019-CWS125-FLEET 3

2019-CWS125-FLEET-lineupThe winning line-up is a thumbnail view of a fleet of more than 80 delivery transports in all shapes and sizes.

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