Central Cryogenics: Bulk Gas Installation

6000 Gallon Bulk System Upgrade

Our team of bulk gas and micro-bulk gas system specialists are always busy helping customers take advantage of the most cost effective ways to support applications that depend on a ready gas supply for production. This post features a recent installation of a 6000 gallon bulk gas system for Liquid Nitrogen.

installation bulk 0723-2019

The 6000 gallon bulk supply system for Liquid Nitrogen serves a laser fabrication application. Shown next to the new bulk tank is a Chart Trifecta (pressure building) system, as well as our 7600 gallon Liquid Nitrogen transport… completing the first fill!

tube-trailer-2-lgOur Bulk Specialists are expert at designing systems to suit custom applications. As well as permanent bulk or micro-bulk installations – we offer Portable Solutions via our large capacity Bulk Gas Tube Trailers.

Bulk installation tank levels are monitored inside via wireless telemetry systems, and refilled on schedule by customer usage… meaning an ever-ready supply for high production.

KUDOS to the whole team at our Central Cryogenics bulk gas division for their ongoing and busy service: Joel Sanders, Paul Feeney, and Paul Watterson. Thanks to location managers coordinating service for this new installation to meet the customer’s expanding gas needs: Geoffrey Simpson and Pete Hochstatter.

Contact your nearest Central Welding Supply or Pacific Welding Supplies location for information, or reach our Bulk Gas Specialists at cryogenics@centralwelding.com.

Learn more about our Bulk and Micro-bulk Gas system solutions at:

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