2019 John Barnes Memorial Golf Tournament

Sunday, June 9, 2019 – Tournament Winners, Volunteers, and Sponsors

Central Welding Supply’s annual company golf tournament is held in memory of John Barnes. John was the company’s first employee, hired September 28, 1976, and first retiree, August 2, 2000. John was a teacher, a mentor, and a friend who shared his wisdom and touched the lives of those he worked with.

A GOOD Time was had by all this Sunday! Continue to see some great photos and Winning memories of the event.

  • 1st Place – Freightliner Northwest, Danny Swanson, Kevin Hubbard, Frank Genzale, Brian Lloyd 
  • 2nd Place – DJ Balmer, Les Scott, Jim Hedberg, Michael Werner 
  • 3rd Place – Wilcox Construction, Matt Lessard, David Evangelisto, Casey Valley, Kurt Trester


  • Women’s Longest Drive & Women’s Closest to the Pin – Teresa Buchholz
  • Men’s Longest Drive – Frank Genzale
  • Men’s Closest to the Pin – Gary Tucker


Jim Jardine and Jeff Brooks worked with our Vendors who sponsored events and prizes.  Below are photos of our Winning Volunteers.

    • Mike Buell
    • Nicole Sparrow
    • Spring Feinstein
    • Jamal Smith
    • Oksauna Nelson
    • Jana Wojciechowicz
    • Mike Gordley
    • Johnny Odegard
    • Chris Kincaid
    • Wilcox Construction

SPECIAL MENTION… because they work for it.


Thank you to our Sponsors whose support always makes this a great event!


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