TECHNOLOGY: Automated CNC Plasma Cutting

CNC technology is no longer a “new” technology to industry. Though it’s become a new technology for smaller businesses and home hobbyists.

Outside sales staff at Central Welding Supply have been taking part in hands-on training this week in Auburn, WA for a new ArcLight Dynamics CNC table we will offer to our customers. The following video shares a first-hand view of automated plasma cutting. The designs are first created with CAD software that programs the template for cutting. The video shows cutting taking place on a ArcPro 9600 table with a Powermax 85 plasma Cutter from Hypertherm.

Industry is still our biggest customer for CNC, though today, there’s a wider variety of these technologies within reach of small and home-based businesses.

Thanks to Joe Balsamo, Production Manager for ArcLight Dynamics, and Scott Olson from Hypertherm, who led the training.



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