New PAPR Techology

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR): New Technology Streamlines the System

OSHA requires Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for respiratory protection, where the workplace presents the hazards of dangerous fumes or particulates. Often the biggest challenge is performing the work while wearing the gear that can be cumbersome and limit access to small spaces.

clean-space2-manA new breakthrough in PAPR technology…

Central Welding Supply is excited to carry in inventory a better and economical solution with the new CleanSpace2 PAPR

Award-winning PAPR Features:

The CleanSpace2 PAPR is designed to provide the protection needed for hazardous workplace environments:

  • The CleanSpace2 is comfortable and easy to wear over long periods of time
  • The light-weight system weighs just a little over 1 lb (500g)
  • No cumbersome hoses, belts, or waist-mounted battery packs; the system rests easily at the back of the neck, and can be worn with hard hats or welding helmets
  • A variety of particulate and gas filters are available to match environmental needs
  • Employees from different shifts and schedules can share the powers source by attached their own unique face mask

If you have any experience with wearing PAPR equipment, you might recognize the benefit of it’s low profile for getting into tight places. Central Welding Supply sees this as one of the most innovative products now available. And, at pricing well below traditional PAPR systems, it’s a win for businesses and users alike.

For more information and pricing, see details on our Specials Page at

Visit OSHA for more information on Respiratory Protection.



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