Central Welding Supply has been a continuing sponsor for the BTC Welding Rodeo, hosted each May at the Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, WA.

Each year BTC students and other participants are offered a “theme” for the creation of a welding art project. Teams of welders were challenged by the task of creating a metal work of art on deadline.

The theme for the 2017 BTC Welding Rodeo offered the inspiration of the Salish Sea. Pictured is one of the team art projects created in this year’s competition. Finished works of art were completed and offered for sale in a public auction. Proceeds go to the sculpting teams with a portion also benefiting the ongoing education of BTC welding students.

The rodeo is a fun event that allows people to watch (through the safety of a welding screen) as teams work to assemble their art!

Learn more about the BTC Rodeo


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